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"As a NYC musician, who has played countless venues on the East and West Coasts, thousands of times over during the past 12 years, I can say that Mocha Maya's is one rare and extremely special place to both play music and listen. It has quickly become my "home away from home." A warm, inviting, and truly loving atmosphere, where music is respected and hearts are open. Unfortunately, there are so many clubs out there these days that do not treat musicians with the love and respect they deserve...they forget that they wouldn't even be there if not for these artists! Mocha Maya's honors EVERY musician and helps us to remember just WHY we play music! It is because of the kind of powerful musical experiences that I have shared again and again at Mocha's that I continue to get up every day and play from my heart. I am so grateful that there are still a few places like this out there. They shine as a model for all music clubs and coffeehouses to be the best they can be!"

  1. -Kristin Hoffmann, Musician, NYC

"your reputation was exceeded by the experience and worth the wait!  Thank you!  The World needs more Mocha Maya's." - Peter Hamelin (Booking Agent and former Music Club Manager)

"The genuine care & spirit that Bruce and Chris put in to Mocha Maya's and their artist selections is unparalleled. Not only do they take the time to select some of the most promising, inspiring up and coming artists around, they go above and beyond the call of duty by making their acts feel welcomed, respected and at home in their venue (which in turn brings Mocha Maya's Coffeehouse to the attention of exceptional artists who are more than eager to play there). Their integrity is what attracts both great artists and great music fans to the venue... it's a rare combination, and it has been a true pleasure to be able to take part in it. It's deeply inspiring to know that such places still exist in the world!" 

  1. -Kristin Diable, Musician, New Orleans (2 time Grammy Nominated Musician)

“I just wanted to thank you all again for a terrific evening. You have a great venue there. It's a musician magnet. Perfect, simple sound and nice audiences that listen. That's the combination! You respect the music and that's what makes it work. Keep it up. Mocha Maya's is a treasure. Hope to play there again sometime.”

- Tokyo Rosenthal, Musician, Chapel Hill, NC (Grammy Nominated Musician)

“I think The Collected Poets Series is the best poetry series on the East Coast.”

  1. -Maxine Kumin, Pulitzer Prize winning poet

“Mocha Maya's is to coffeehouses what the Bull and Finch Pub in "Cheers" was, allegedly, to bars: the place where everybody knows your name.  It does an excellent job at everything that a coffeehouse is supposed to do:  coffee and espresso beverages, baked goods, a wide variety of teas, and a great selection of the cold stuff (you can do a whole lot worse than a lemonade slushy or a frozen hot chocolate on a hot summer day).  It's got free wifi and a small but eclectic selection of books.  It has entertainment, from nationally known musical acts to poetry readings to a drop-in Celtic jam on Sundays.

But where Mocha Maya's really excels is the vibe.  It's a nerve center for people who use Mocha Maya's to connect in all kinds of ways.  On any given day, you may see a landscaper come in looking for coffee and a couple of guys to work a job for him, a crowd of people just come from a yoga class sitting down for a chat, a couple of telecommuting professionals collaborating on a project, or friends and acquaintances running into each other and stopping to talk.  Visitors may be surprised at how easily they're drawn into conversation with complete strangers, and end up leaving Mocha Maya's with much more than the coffee that they came in for.  If you're visiting the area and aren't sure what you want to do, just go to Mocha Maya's and ask, "What's fun to do around here?"  You'll get plenty of opinions, directions and advice on the area's best -- which definitely includes Mocha Maya's.”

- Mary M., Charlemont, MA (Customer Review she left on Yelp)

“The thing about Mocha Maya's is that in a culture where community is created for the sake of bringing business into an establishment, it's quite clear that the owners of Mocha Maya's started a business for the sake of building and strengthening a community.” 

  1. -Joshua Michael Stewart, Author

"Mocha Maya's is one of our favorite venues to play live; it's got great atmosphere, great service, and killer drinks (the frozen hot chocolate is to die for!)  Whether you're a musician looking to perform, or just someone looking for a quiet place to grab some coffee, Mocha Maya's will inspire you!" 

- Tony Lechner (Wild-Wood), Musician/Teacher

"If you play acoustic music in Western Mass, I strongly recommend checking out Mocha Maya’s. Mocha Maya’s started out like any other fledgling coffee shop but it seemed like almost overnight it became the epicenter of a thriving musical scene in the heart of Shelburne Falls, MA. Clearly, owners Bruce and Chris' commitment to providing the best in live entertainment, coffee, and pastries has paid off as Mocha Maya’s has established itself as the premier coffee house listening venue in Western Mass. For Appalachian Still's first show there, we weren't sure what to expect, but when we arrived, we were treated to a room packed with an attentive and supportive audience, great tip money, and some killer coffee! And no wonder the place was packed--the audience has come to expect the best in live music. Just look at the lineup of artists who have played there already--it's like a who's who of up-and-coming as well as established local, regional, and national acts. So if you haven't played there yet...do it!"

- Andrew Woodland, Musician, Appalachian Still

“I salute your commitment to presenting live music. I also wanted to take this time to let Chris, Bruce, and yourself (Aleshia) know that over the last year I have traveled 41,000 miles and done 170 shows through 38 states in mostly venues just about the size of Mocha Maya's. In terms of professionalism, atmosphere, and commitment to live music, the Mocha Maya's team is right up there with Club Passim (Boston), The Tin Angel (Philly), The Living Room (NYC), The Birchmere (VA), and Eddie's Attic  (Atlanta). It is simply one of the finest listening rooms in the country...” 

- Greg Koons, Musician

"Mocha Maya's Coffeehouse is a magical spot, well-deserving of acclaim and a 'good word on the street'.... I have often jumped at the chance to share the secret of it's existence with fellow musicians only to find myself wondering if I have done the right thing: perhaps... so many musicians will recognize its greatness that the venue will be swamped beyond capacity and no longer take my calls!! Regardless, Chris and Bruce (proprietors of Mocha Maya's) know exactly what they are doing: they've attracted the interest of prominent performers across genres, and have developed a particularly impressive roster of acts from the singer/songwriter realm. The acts that I've had the privilege of co-billing with have blown me away. I quickly recognized the regularity of high caliber music that Mocha Maya's is committed to presenting. You don't need to think twice about visiting on a Friday or Saturday night. Don't even bother looking at their musical calendar. Simply show up and count on a great time: you are going to get it."

- Gretchen Witt, Musician, NYC

“I want to thank you for offering the kind of environment where people can feel good about their day. Your generous and caring spirit is always present. I personally appreciate the opportunity you create for people to come together to share a great cup (or two) of coffee, wonderful fresh baked goods, and the creations of local artist and musicians. I've moved back to Canada after being an almost daily customer in you store for four years, and I really miss you and all of your staff. Please know that one of my first stops when I visit the Falls will be Mocha Maya's. Take care and keep those Lattés  commin!!!”

- Gisèle Bourgeois

“Thanks so much. Our bluegrass kids had a terrific experience today. They were so excited to play at such a respected venue, and they sang their hearts out. Their parents were thrilled as well. Many thanks for this opportunity, and we look forward to returning...”

- Abe Loomis, Music Instructor, Charlemont Academy

“My boyfriend and I visited Shelburne Falls last spring.  We stopped at Mocha Mayas for a cappuccino (or 2) during our exploration of the town, and we both remarked that it was remarkably yummy and creamy.  We even went back in day 2 of our 3-day visit to get

another one.  Nearly a year later -- and now well ensconced back in Boston/Cambridge, an area chock full of coffee joints -- we still long for the "Shelburne Falls cappuccino," as my boyfriend calls it.  Nothing even comes close to yours, and I have a feeling he will plan a trip back specifically for the cappuccino (with the charm of the town being a bonus for the trip)! 

Dreaming of the Mocha Maya cap, Kristen in Cambridge”

“As I snuggle into a stuffed chair, and take a moment to feel the warm black mug of French Roast in my cupped hands; I connect with the heart of creativity, early in the day, at Mocha Maya’s. Instantly I am able to push aside the rushing world outside, knowing this is a safe haven for the creative soul to speak, to think, to write, to creatively express the artist within.

Thank you,

- Mary (Annie) Hapeman Shelburne Falls, MA

“We want to say thank you for being so accommodating to our daughter, Carly.  Carly has developmental disabilities and a little autism thrown in as well.  She loves coming into Mocha Maya's to either watch staff work behind the counter and/or listen to the music.  (She loves the sound of the cappuccino machine.) She has done very well in your business because of it's easily accessible ramp. We can wheel her in and out with ease. You have had a few nice children's shows which Carly has enjoyed (Pop Rockets, especially).  Carly is not your typical audience member, but I have found staff and patrons to be very accepting of her ways.”

- Deborah Stevens & Carly, Shelburne Falls, MA

“Quick note. Just want to say thanks.  Appreciate the fact that you're in town. I'm very clear about what I expect from the places I patronize.  Can clearly articulate what I mean by exceptional service, what works/doesn't work (for me).  Feel compelled to tell you that I 'feel good' about patronizing an establishment that truly does attend to the details of its customers' experience.  Don't remember all of the 'corporate values' you iterated/committed to, but I've found that there's little gap between 'what you say' (on the sign) and my experience of 'what you do'.  In my experience, that's rare indeed.  Kudos to you all.  Keep up the good work. Thanks much.”

- Thea Costine   

"Mocha Maya's is a delightful place, with a delightful crowd, in a delightful town, run by delightful people. You can feel the warm vibes as soon as you step in the door. As a musician, I have to say this is exactly the kind of place I love to perform at. Bruce and Chris have a good thing going here and I am are sure there are even better things coming."

- Patti DeRosa, Musician

"Mocha Maya's is like no other coffee house I have ever been to. I have sipped java in coffee shops from New York to New Mexico, from Kansas to Pennsylvania, from Florida to California. I have found many cool places offering cozy spots to sit, a decent music venue, the work of local artists, a welcoming atmosphere, and delicious coffee, but never all at the same place. That is, until I visited Mocha Maya's. The vision of Mocha Maya's is one of versatility and variety. I can sit and read quietly, listening to Peter Blanchette on a lazy afternoon or dance the night away to Gypsy Jazz artists ‘Swing Caravan’. I can visit to take in new art or I can go watch Monday night football with my friends. Mocha Maya's offers more than any one hang out generally has the capacity to provide." 

- Amber Brown, Rochester, NY

“I spent several warm late summer evenings enjoying poetry readings and once performing with my duet at Mocha Maya's. Good times and an excellent atmosphere abound. Mocha Maya's is poised to become an essential part of the Shelburne Falls experience. Thanks for hosting a great place for all to enjoy.”

- Scott Graves, Musician, Consultant, Coffee drinker, Gardner, MA

“I stop in to Mocha Mayas at least once a day, sometimes more often. Though the coffee is very good, that is not the primary reason I go there. It is also a place to relax and talk with friends, meet new friends, see some art and listen to some live music. The most exciting thing about Mocha Maya’s is that it has become an integral part of the community, and has enriched the community through its commitment to art and live music.  It is not easy for a business to become part of the fabric of a community, but Mocha Maya’s had done that and I salute them.” 

- Ted Cahill, Organizational Anthropologist & Musician, Shelburne Falls, MA

“Mocha Maya's is a real gem of the Pioneer Valley - they have great coffee, great music, and great atmosphere!  It's always a treat to stop in!”

- Laura Herbert

"Over the years, I have played many coffeehouses. There is something very special and quaint about Mocha Maya's. Bruce and Chris are very supportive to local artists and they make you feel right at home. They have created an intimate atmosphere to showcase the works of many talented artists and musicians. This is truly a great place....the coffee rocks too"

- Stephanie Marshall, Musician

“I love Mocha Mayas for it's frozen hot chocolate. I will drink one even when it is 20 below outside just because they are so tasty. The atmosphere at Mocha Maya's is warm and inviting. I can always count on having a great time there listening to music and seeing the

new and exciting art on the walls.”

- Wendy Hickok, Photographer

“Mocha Maya's is a music oasis in western Massachusetts. The staff and owners love music and do their best to support great independent music and the musicians that make it.  Mocha Maya's exposes their patrons to some of the best music out there.”

- Elisa Korenne, singer-songwriter, Brooklyn, NY

"Mocha Maya's is a very warm and intimate space for both performer and audience. People go there to listen which makes it a special venue which we could use more of. Like having someone in your living room playing for you. Support this place. You can't go wrong!!"

- Ray Mason, Musician

Mocha Maya's is awesome. From taking a chance on a photographer who's never exhibited before, to writing extensive reviews of bands who have played there, to taking care of the advertising for all their acts, they definitely go above and beyond. The fact that they donate their portion of any exhibitor's artwork sales to charity endears them to me even more. Of all the places the band has played (and we've played a lot of places), it tops my list of favorites. With its warm red walls and soft lighting, they really know how to set a mood. Their frozen hot chocolate tastes like nothing you've tried before; don't bother attempting to replicate it, even though you'll want to. And their selection of pastries is tantalizing (the orange creme cupcake I had last time was fabulous). In an area saturated with java joints, it's truly one of the coziest coffee shops I can think of.”

- Sara Curtin, Artist/Musician (Wild-Wood)

“Mocha Maya's is that comfy place where the contemporary Van Goghs and the modern day Herman Hesses feel free to sit and think, write and sketch, and share insights with the hearts and souls of the amazing people who call Shelburne Falls their home. It is the Grenich Village of a new and better world...and that's just the atmosphere. The coffee is silky smooth, with just the right punch, that never leaves you wanting...”

- Mary Hapeman, Shelburne Falls, MA

"It's great to have a place like Mocha Maya's who offer not only a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy a cup of coffee with your friend but their enthusiasm towards supporting artists and poets is refreshing. We need more places like it."

- Bret M. Herholz, Artist/Illustrator

"Mocha Maya's is one of the best coffeehouses I have ever performed in in my 23 years of gigs!"

- Sarah Woolf, Musician

“Mocha Maya's is the warm, afternoon gathering place that Shelburne Falls has lacked... not a bar, not an upscale restaurant, not a sterile take out joint... it's the place you can look forward to stopping in and possibly seeing a friend, or hearing a band, or just getting a great cup of coffee.”

- John Clark, Musician/Artist

THANK YOU for inviting me to play in one of my favorite gigs of all time! Chris & staff were wonderful, great audience, and we even got some press ("Hampshire Life" wrote a Headliner feature that attracted two families to Mocha Maya's for the show). All in all, a great success. Looking forward to next time!”

- Neara Russell, Musician