Mocha Maya’s Events Calendar


Day        Date        Time        Performer/Event                                                            Description         PA

Wed.     7/30/14        4pm         Kimberly Sebrey                                                          art reception

Thu.      7/31/14        8pm         Roger Street Friedman                                       roots rock r&b folk                 K

                                                  and very special guest Sherman Ewing                                  rock

Fri.         8/1/14         8pm         Eric French Band                                                                    blues                  O

Sat.        8/2/14         11am       ‘A Tea, Toast & Jazz Jam‘                                    jazz jam session                  K

Sat.        8/2/14         8pm         Alan Williams                                                        singer/songwriter                 K

                                                 and special guest Ruby Froom                                       alternative

Sun.       8/3/14         2:30pm    Elizabeth & Ben Anderson                                 Scottish fiddle duo                 K

Thu.       8/7/14         8pm         Echo Bloom                                                            indie americana

                                                 and very special guest Paul Weinfield (of Tam Lin)           folk rock

Fri.         8/8/14         8pm         Tim Carr (of The Americans)                                          psych folk                  K

                                                  & DIA                                                                               indie pop

Sat.        8/9/14         Noon       Jesse Hanson & the Foundation                                         pop folk                 K

Sat.        8/9/14         8pm         Ann Armstrong & Steve Hughes                                     americana                 K

Sun.       8/10/14       2:30pm    Kevin Germain                                        mediterranean oud music                 K

Thu.       8/14/14       8pm         Dave Houghton’s Hootenanny!                                  indie folk rock                 K

                                                 Dave Houghton of Fancy Trash performs and hosts

Fri.         8/15/14       8pm         Liz Queler & Seth Farber                 folk rock americana bluegrass                 B

Sat.        8/16/14       8pm         Broadcast Hearts                                                         alt. soft rock

Sun.       8/17/14       2:30pm    Eric Sommer                                                             folk rock blues                 K

Thu.       8/21/14       7pm         Open Mic Night                                       hosted by Pamela Means                  K

Fri.         8/22/14       8pm         Marina Evans                                                            indie folk rock                  K

Sat.        8/23/14       8pm         Lonesome Brothers                                                          hick rock                  K

Thu.       8/28/14       8pm         The Grownup Noise                                        indie americana pop                 K

                                                  and special guest Carolyn Walker                      singer/songwriter

Fri.         8/29/14       8pm         Seth Adam                                                                        pop rock                  O

                                                 and special guest Rick Murnane                                       pop rock

Sun.       8/31/14       2:30pm    The Bombadils                                                                          folk                  K

Every Sunday at 10:30am we host a Celtic Session where musicians of all levels can sit in and perform traditional Irish music! So whether you are a professional musician or a beginner or somewhere in between feel free to join us! Local musician’s Ted Cahill & Ted Soulos kindly oversee the sessions.