Mocha Maya’s Events Calendar


Day        Date        Time        Performer/Event                                                            Description         PA

Fri        7/29/16       8pm          Mark Nomad                                                                                                 blues

Sat       7/30/16       8pm          Canceled! - Cassidy and the Music - Canceled!                       singer/songwriter

Sun      7/31/16       2pm          Canceled! - Cassidy and the Music - Canceled!                       singer/songwriter

Fri        8/5/16         8pm          Brook Batteau and his Band                                                                          rock

Sat       8/6/16         8pm          Jim Armenti                                                                               singer/songwriter

Fri        8/12/16       8pm          Seth Adam                                                                                              pop rock

Fri        8/19/16       8pm          The Headband                                       roots reggae dancehall soul driven funk

Sat       8/20/16       8pm          Shawn Byrne                                                                                     country pop

Fri        8/26/16       8pm          Dave Nelson                                                                                                  indie

Sat       8/27/16       8pm          Lisa Marie Ellingsen                                                                   americana blues

                                                 and special guest Carolyn Walker                                            singer/songwriter