Mocha Maya’s Events Calendar


Day        Date        Time        Performer/Event                                                            Description         PA

Thu      10/1/15       7pm           The Collected Poets Series                                  poetry reading                      K

                                                 featuring poets Teresa Carson & Dawn Potter

Fri        10/2/15       8pm           Ray Mason                                                                  indie rock                       K

Sat       10/3/15       8pm           Cricket Blue                                                    contemporary folk                      K

Sun      10/4/15       2:30pm      Ian Fitzgerald                                                                        folk                       K

Sat       10/10/15     8pm           Larry Allen Brown                                                folk americana                      K

                                                 & special guest Scott Danger Bravo                 fingerstyle guitar

Sun      10/11/15     2:30pm      One Part Luck                                                       country blues                       K

Mon     10/12/15     2pm           Elizabeth & Ben Anderson                         Scottish fiddle music                       K

Fri        10/16/15     8pm           Ready for the Radio                                                   americana                       K

                                                 & very special guest Monica Rizzio                           americana

Sat       10/17/15     8pm           Meadowhawks                                                            indie rock                       K

Sun      10/18/15     2:30pm      Alejandra O’Leary                                                indie pop rock                       O

Tue      10/20/15     7pm           Taste of Theatre Tuesdays                     ‘Dancing at Lughnasa‘                       K

                                                 Admittance free. Donations suggested.

Thu      10/22/15     8pm           Holly May                                                                 country pop                       K

                                                 and Wisewater                                                    americana pop

Fri        10/23/15      8pm          Julian Gerstin Sextet                                        world music jazz

Sat       10/24/15      8pm          Mount Peru                     alt. indie post americana country rock

                                                  and special guest Love Love                                              rock

Sun      10/25/15      2:30pm     Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons                               american roots                       K

Tue      10/27/15      7pm          Taste of Theatre Tuesdays                                         ’39 Steps‘                       K

                                                 Admittance free. Donations suggested.

Fri        10/30/15      8pm           Lonesome Brothers                                                     hick rock                       K

Sat       10/31/15     All Day       All Hallows Eve                             Happy Halloween everyone!

Sun      11/1/15       2:30pm      Kat Quinn                                                                    indie pop                        K

Tue      11/3/15       7pm           Taste of Theatre Tuesdays                                        ‘Later Life‘                       K

                                                  Admittance free. Donations suggested.

Thu       11/5/15      7pm           The Collected Poets Series                                poetry reading                        K

                                                  featuring poets Gail ThomasJenifer Browne Lawrence

Fri         11/6/15      8pm           Show of Cards                                                             folk rock                        K

Sat        11/7/15      8pm           Zydeco Connection                                                       zydeco                         B

Sun       11/8/15      2:30pm      The Sun Flights                                                                   folk                        K

Tue       11/10/15    7pm           Taste of Theatre Tuesdays                ‘Dead Man’s Cell Phone‘                        K

                                                  Free Admittance. Donations suggested.

Fri         11/13/15     8pm          Village Hill                              jam global jazz rock funk improv

Sat        11/14/15     8pm          The Lied To’s                                                  folk rock country                        K

                                                 and special guest Austin & Elliott                                folk rock

Sun       11/15/15     2:30pm     Ray Mason                                                                indie rock                        K

Tue       11/17/15     7pm          Taste of Theatre Tuesdays                          ‘Tea & Sympathy‘                         K

                                                  Admittance free. Donations suggested.

Fri         11/20/15     8pm          Mark Nomad                                                                   blues                          K

Sat        11/21/15     8pm          David Boatwright  

Sun       11/22/15     8pm          Dan Kennedy                                           contemporary piano                          K

Tue       11/24/15     7pm          Taste of Theatre Tuesdays                          ‘Dixie Swim Club‘                          K

                                                 Admittance free. Donations suggested.

Thu       11/26/15     All Day      Thanksgiving Day                                    Open Limited Hours

Fri         11/27/15     6pm          Woman’s Songwriting Collective               multiple performers                         K

Sat        11/28/15     8pm          Barbara Cassidy Band                                            americana                         K